SWICKER Surgical Foam Sponge

The SWICKER radiopaque surgical foam sponge is designed to lower the sponge count, minimize lint contamination, and reduce costs to the hospital. 


Lower the Sponge Count

Minimize time associated with counting and searching for sponges.


Lose the Lint

Keep lint out of your patient by using our cotton-free products.


Reduce the Cost

Save on procedure costs, medical waste disposal, and shipping. 

How does it work?

The SWICKER is more than just a sponge. It is highly absorbent and designed for continuous use during the procedure.

Watch this video and see for yourself.

The SWICKER Sponge is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to accommodate surgical and laparoscopic procedures. It can be rolled, folded, or used flat.

Surgical Procedures:
  • Designed for continuous use, highly absorbent and easy to wring clear
  • Swap between one working sponge and one waiting sponge
  • Reduce room “floaters”
  • Can be used rolled, folded, or flat
  • Less abrasive means less trauma
  • Use to position or pad extremities
  • Assists in organ isolation
  • Can be used internally in patients to help control bleeding
  • Reduce overall sponge count
Laparoscopic Procedures:
  • Easily placed and retrieved through a Trocar without removing the Trocar from the patient
  • Useful for retracting structures to aid in visualization and exposing areas of concern
  • Safely clears fluids by either wicking or protecting tissues while using suction/irrigation devices
  • Useful for cleaning instruments and Trocar during procedure
  • Reduce room “floaters”
  • Choice of size and thickness as needed for the procedure


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