About Us

Syntervention delivers innovative and essential products for medical procedures that reduce costs, contamination, and procedure time.



Syntervention was founded in 2010 and incorporated in 2011. 

Syntervention was formed to provide a comprehensive, hands on approach to medical device design and manufacturing. Our success is the result of working closely with health care professionals to meet their objectives and fulfill a vision of creating truly exceptional medical devices.

Syntervention’s philosophy and design process is based upon years of experience and the recognition that every idea has the potential to provide benefit and save lives. Through detailed analysis and using our world class team of Physicians, RN’s and consultants we are able to produce innovative solutions meeting critical needs in the health care field.

Our medical device design process emphasizes the quality of care and experience patients deserve. Our products perform as expected, are quality constructed, and are offered at a reasonable cost in order to provide each user a sense of value. Syntervention has an environmentally sensitive approach to medical device design compatible with the world’s ecological systems.


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Bringing Synergy to Intervention.