Syntervention Calculators

We have created the four following calculators so you can see for yourself how the switch to our products will reduce accidental lint and fiber contamination and save your facility money.  

1. Interventional Procedure Particulate and Fiber Counter

Input the number of each product your facility uses in interventional procedures to see how much lint and fiber particulate may be released in comparison with Syntervention products.

2. Medical Waste Weight Counter

Input the dry and wet weights of product used per procedure to see how much your facility could save in medical waste expenses annually.

3. Procedural Products Costs

Input the number of products used in a procedure and the amount of time spent on the count to compare the annual cost of procedural products and the count time.

4. Accidental Device Contamination Calculator

Input your facility’s relevant information to monitor the cost of sterile products accidentally contaminated during procedures.


Click on the image below to download the calculators and customize the values in orange.


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