Syntervention Calculators

See for yourself how Syntervention products can lower the count, reduce lint contamination, and save on OR time, product, shipping, and medical waste expenses.   

1. Reduction in Lint, Particulate and Product Count

Input the number of each product your facility uses by procedure to see how the SWICKER surgical sponge can reduce sponge count and lint associated with cotton-based surgical products.

2. Reduction in Weight and Cost of Medical Waste

Compare the total weight of products disposed post-procedure to see how much your facility could save in medical waste expenses each year.

3. Procedural Products Costs

Modify this calculator using estimates from your facility for product costs per procedure and see the potential reduction in number of products purchased and used each year.  

4. Surgical Sponge Shipping Expenses

Calculate the shipping expenses associated with your facilities current utilization and compare to the cost of using SWICKER surgical sponges in the same number of procedures. 

5. Surgical Sponge Counting Time 

Using SWICKER surgical sponges as an alternative to current surgical sponges can significantly reduce the average pre- and post-procedure count time. 

6. Overall Return on Investment

Syntervention products are designed to save costs by lowering the number of products needed per procedure, shipping cost per box, medical waste expenses per pound, and overall sponge counting time in the OR. 


Click on the image below to download the calculators and customize the values in orange.


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